Nathaniel Rateliff – Falling Faster Than You Can Run

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February 1, 2014 by tincanreview

Following the release of his 2010 debut album ‘In Memory Of Loss’, American songwriter Nathaniel Rateliff received praise from both sides of the Atlantic. His next offering, ‘Falling Faster Than You Can Run’, picks ups where its predecessor left off and features ten more intricately crafted songs.

As before much of the material is introspective and the first half in particular makes effective use of dynamics. Opener ‘Still Trying’ begins with gentle acoustic strumming before reaching a stomping crescendo, which finds Rateliff bellowing ‘I don’t know – a God damn thing’. The album was engineered and mixed by Jamie Mefford and the recordings seem to provide hardly any filter between Rateliff’s performance and the listener. It almost feels like being on the other side of the control desk.

After the dramatic climax of ‘Nothing To Show For’, the last half of the album appears more subdued, as the rich baritone of Rateliff’s vocal is brought to the forefront. The emotional intensity however remains constant and one of the album’s highlights ,’When Do You See’, can be found towards the end.

‘Falling Faster…’ is an album of great depth and as Rateliff says during one track ‘You’ll never know what’s buried there ‘less you dig around’. Listeners are encouraged to go back and uncover new details with each play. Rateliff has set a high standard for other songwriters in 2014.

Released 27th January. Rating: 4/5





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